2011 Ford Fiesta
Posted on May 23, 2011 ยท Posted in Technology

I love living in a big urban area like Dallas, but one of the most dis-pleasurable things for me personally is parking the big cars us Texans are known for. If Big Hair is what Dallas is known for around the world, big Trucks and SUV’s is almost just as synonymous with a Dallasites modus operandi. So what did I do recently that broke that mold, I bought a compact hatchback specifically the new 2011 Ford Fiesta. Sure the dealer said this new generation of compact cars are selling like crazy so maybe I’m not that original but hey we all have confidence in our decisions to be over reaching more than they actually are.

So the Ford Fiesta, its moderately sized so I can fit in those less average size parking spots but it doesn’t fall short in other areas like some people may think. It has what I sort of bought it for which is the quite innovative Microsoft SYNC system fully integrated into the dashboard. No it doesn’t have a touch screen with every app under the sun albeit it does allow some nice integration with my iPhone iOS apps like Pandora, Stitcher and the Podcaster. It did something so surpassingly great yesterday morning I hope the smooth action continues as I learn more about it.

Ford Fiesta 2011In the morning, I have a ritual, one that involves starting my commute to BubbleLife Media with podcasts catching me up on the most recent tech news of today, yesterday, and maybe tomorrow when they discuss whatever Apple computer rumor has churned up this week. I walk up to my “Blue Flame Metallic” Fiesta, think Dallas Cowboys, or Dallas Mavericks blue, ready to charge towards work and just as the car turns on with the twist of the key the podcast stops playing in my ears and the car stereo picks up the podcast where the Apple white ear buds left off just a second before. It was a simple trick, no doubt the Bluetooth Media streaming feature listed as a bullet point on the brochure but it meant so much more to me. Life moved so smoothly in those moments thanks a simple technology trick involving a few existing technologies working together elegantly.

I don’t know if the entire life of my new ride and its innovative computer system will be as slick but I hope it has a couple more moments like that. You see that made the car worth it, it made the morning and the day start off smoother leading into the evening when I would enjoy that again for the ride home.

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